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The artist plays the role of the creator. From the emptiness of the blank page, canvas, or stage; a new creation is born. A creation from which we find a story. From which we find emotion. From which we find the inspiration to create our own new works of art. For lack of a more original analogy, art is life.

My name is Isaac Young. I attend the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. I have been openly affected by the arts since 2007, and I seek to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to be affected as I have.

When arts funding in South Carolina was at risk of being completely eliminated, I created a Facebook page asking people to act. In three days, I had acquired over 500 members. After a week, I had over 1200. When everything was said and done, the group had over 12,500 members who called, emailed, and spoke with our state leaders asking them to vote against eliminating arts funding.
The arts vetoes were not passed

Later, it was brought to my feeble young attention that the value of art is at odds with many viewpoints not only across the state of South Carolina, but across the country. I believe that any young person who has had any involvement in the arts can testify for their value; and yet we still find ourselves fighting keep them available for everyone’s benefit.

You, the youth, the ones who will soon be the decision makers are the ones who can change all of this.

More information soon…

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